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Greetings and Hai Sai!

Welcome to OkinawanAtHeart.com. 

Michael Schoonover. 
Consultant, Writer
Email: Mike@Okinawanatheart.com.

About this Blog


This blog is for anyone who is curious about Okinawan culture, history and people. 

Many people have written about Okinawa.  Books, articles, websites are all around us.  Sometimes it can almost feel like too much! Finding the time to sort through it all and make sense of it can often seem overwhelming. Especially for today’s busy person. That's why I created this blog. 

My goal is to share information about Okinawa with you in small chunks that makes them easy to absorb. I also list books and sites to go for further reading when a topic grabs you.
I hope you enjoy it, whether you are Okinawan or “Okinawan at Heart.”

About Me

I am a consultant and writer, following a long career as a research scientist. My wife is a third-generation Okinawan-American. We live in Hawaii, which is home to one of the largest Okinawan populations outside of Okinawa itself. 

We are active in local Okinawan clubs, events, and fundraisers. At our family get-togethers we have celebrated the arrival into this world of two generations of nieces and nephews. We have also mourned the passing of older generations.  

This blog is one small thing I can to do to give back to a community that has given so much to me.